Having a regular massage has numerous benefits. It gives you time to unwind in a peaceful atmosphere, allowing you your thoughts to drift away. Massage stimulates the release of endorphins, (the feel good chemicals in the brain) which lift your mood, help fight pain, boost self - esteem, dissolve stress, and helps the immune system and major organs function normally. It helps reduce blood pressure too. 

Pregnancy Massage  

Pregnancy massage is very beneficial to Mum and baby alike, emotionally and physically. It can be given from 12 weeks. This very happy time does take toll on the mum to be, bringing changes to her body, strain on joints and ligaments and discomfort to back and legs, especially when carrying extra weight. Massage allows time for you to relax, unwind and recharge, increasing energy levels and making it easier to cope with the exhausting physical stresses of pregnancy. You can chose either to have a Back, Neck and Shoulder massage or Full Body. To ensure baby is cared for, I use extra pillows for comfort and the massage is given while mum lies on her side. 

Extra Special Pampering

Pregnancy Back Massage and Facial

Being a mum to be is a very important time. Your body is changing and nourishing your little bundle of Joy. It is essential to look after yourself – this package has been designed especially with you in Mind. Gently releasing the aches and pains, your back carries, and a pampering Facial.
Lasts approximately 60 minutes

Treatments can be packaged to your specific needs, please contact me for further details.