Sweet Almond Oil  

A lovely  conditioning oil, rich in vitamin E, this gentle oil can be used even on a baby's skin. It is suitable for all types of massage.

Coconut Oil

A natural moisturiser and antioxidant, it stops winkles and skin irritation. Ideal for people who suffer from nut allergies. Suitable for all types of massages. 

Zephorium Ruby Crystal and Ylang Ylang Oil, Black Pepper, Rosewood and Patchouli

A beautiful aromatherapy  oil to strengthen, ground and help rebalance the Base Chakra. 

Zephorium Carnelian Crystal and Sweet Orange Oil, Frankincense and Palmarosa

Simply gorgeous, this healing oil is for freedom and creativity, helping to rebalance the Sacral Chakra. 

Zephorium Citrine Crystal with Grapefruit Oil with Lemon and Lime

To rebalance the all important Solar plexus to bring Joy and Abundance. Renewing optimism for life.

Zephorium Rose Quartz Crystal with Rose Oil And Sweet Orange Oil

A powerful combination of pure Rose oil and Sweet Orange Oil for unconditional love, while helping to rebalance the Heart Chakra 

Zephorium Aquamarine Crystal with Neroli Oil, Lavender, Pettigrain, Frankincense and Black Pepper

 This oil is exceptional, to help  re-balance your throat Chakra

Zephorium Lapis Lazuli Crystal with Frankincense Oil and Patchouli Oil

An oil known for its connection with the Angels and Meditation to help rebalance your Third Eye Chakra to give clarity of thought. 

Zephorium Amethyst Crystal with Lavender Oil, Geranium and Neroli

A beautiful relaxing oil to bring Peace and Calm rebalancing the Crown Chakra, will help connect you to your Universal Wisdom. 

The Zephorium range is available to purchase – Please contact me for details.